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Functions of Eco Enzyme


1. Agriculture—Growing organic plants

Growing plants without using chemical fertilizers can protect the environment and keep us healthy. Eco Enzyme is very useful for agriculture.

  • Building fertile soil

Eco Enzyme is a natural fertilizer. It can make a barren land fertile.


Fifteen years ago, Mr He Yongxiang helped some disabled people obtain a piece of free farm land measuring 30 acres for them to grow some plants and feed themselves. But the land was infertile. They tried many ways to improve the soil but failed. Eventually, they sprayed diluted Eco Enzyme on the land and plants started to grow well. Now, they plant vegetables, fruits and various kinds of herb on the land.


改善土质 English


何永祥先生环保酵素灌溉后 English

  • Repelling pest without using pesticides

By spraying the mixture of Eco Enzyme with water on the lawn will reduce insect and it is a natural herbicide.

  • Helping plants to grow well

Eco Enzyme can enhance photosynthesis. As a result, plants will get more nutrients and their roots can absorb more air. In addition, ozone, which is emitted by Eco Enzyme, can help plants grow better and faster.

 natural herbicide


This home own using Eco Enzymes in her garden.  The plants are green and healthy. 

Brunei Hazel garden2


 沙化土地转化为农田 English

 使用环保酵素后,新长出的枝干比原来更加粗壮 English。

 2. Livestock farming—Keeping Healthy Domestic Animals

Using Eco Enzyme to clean areas for keeping livestock can make them become healthier.

  • Maintaining cleanliness

Eco Enzyme is natural air freshener. Spraying it on the floor of the shed for keeping animals can keep flies and foul odor away. As a result, domestic animals will have a cleaner place to live.


  • Improving animal health

Adding Eco Enzyme to food and water for feeding domestic animals can boost their immune system and improve the quality of poultry or meat.




An owner of a pig farm in Thailand rejects using drugs or additives to keep his pigs healthy. Instead, he uses only Eco Enzyme, which has been proven to be very effective.


3. Drainage system—Cleaning Pipes and Water

Eco Enzyme can improve drainage around your house and clean wastewater from factories and farms.

  • Cleaning drainage system

By pouring Eco Enzyme or its residues into sewers, cesspools and ditches, we can prevent pipes from being blocked, purify wastewater and ultimately clean rivers and oceans.

3 bottles English

Treatment of Synthetic Greywater Using 5% and 10% Garbage Enzyme Solution( Fazna Nazim, P.G.Student ,Civil-Environmental Engineering, Government Engineering College, Thrissur, Kerala, India, Dr.Meera.V. Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department, Government Engineering College, Thrissur, Kerala, India)



  • Restoring ecosystems

Once drainage system becomes clean, fish and shellfish that have disappeared from rivers will emerge again. Consequently, ecosystems will be restored.


Purifying Campus Lake at Sichuan Nanchong

Time: April 2014

Location: Nanchong, Sichuan China West Normal University, Yu Xiu Lake District

In just over 20 days time, pouring down six times of eco enzyme into the lake (approximately 100kg), the  West China Normal University campus lake changed. This make us more determined and confidence  with eco enzyme could purified water.


 Titiwangsa pond English


  •  Ordinary Detergent vs Eco Enzyme Detergent

    Eco Enzyme effectively break down grease and artificial chemical contaminants.  By pouring diluted Eco enzyme into the rivers or drainage can purifying the waste water. The ordinary detergent’s surfactant will emulsify grease , and drain away with water, make the waste water polluted. However, Eco  Enzyme Detergent will effectively catalyst and break down grease into small molecules and make the cleaning process deeply.


Classic Detergent Diagram 2



Some residents of Bukit Mertajam once organised a campaign for  cleaning the “Lotus Pond”. Some people provided 900 liters of Eco Enzyme and they poured it into the pool. After about 7 minutes, they saw some bubbles appearing on the surface of the pool. Slowly, oily substances that were in the pool diminished and they could see reflections of plants on the surface of water.


Waste Pollution—Reducing Rubbish

As we know, the main ingredients for making Eco Enzyme are food waste such as leftovers and fruit peels. Therefore, we can cut down the cost of waste disposal significantly.


The town council of Sibu always tried to promote environmental protection but did not receive much support. In September 2008, a group of housewives, who actively made and used Eco Enzyme, approached Mr. Yan Jian-an, the deputy president of the town council, and proposed to cooperate with the town council to promote the use of Eco Enzyme. In just half a year, they taught a lot of people to make and use Eco Enzyme and the amount of waste in Sibu decreased 30-40%.

 Sibu Purifying pond


4. Eco Living—Going Green

Eco Enzyme can replace cleaning chemicals that we normally use. It can also be used to water plants. It is economical, useful and beneficial to our health.

  • House cleaning

Diluted Eco Enzyme can be used to eliminate odor, mold, dirt and oil   cleaning floor, air conditioners, toilets,exhaust fans etc. In addition, pests such as flies, mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches will become fewer if we use Eco Enzyme to clean our houses.


家居清洁2 English


  • Keeping personal hygiene

Eco Enzyme can decompose and eliminate micro organism that are harmful to us. We can up keep our personal hygiene by using Eco Enzyme to take bath, wash hair and do laundry.

how to dilution enzyme for wash


  • Keeping healthy pets

Remove pets’ odor and parasites on them.

  • Wash vegetables and fruits

Soaking vegetables and fruits in diluted Eco Enzyme (2 teaspoons of Eco Enzyme and 1 liter of water) for 45 minutes can remove pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and parasitic ova on them. They will taste better after being soaked.


 Wash Vege



Every year, many people will go to the Tzu Chi Charity Vegetarian

Food Bazaar. In November 2008, volunteers of a bazaar held in Penang brought along with them a lot of Eco Enzyme and wood chips. In the past, they used dishwashing detergent to wash all the dishes and failed to remove curry smell remaining on them. Eversince they used Eco Enzyme for washing, all the dishes were surprisingly clean and odor- free.

Usage Cartoon 1English



  • Electromagnetic Waves

Long-term exposure to electromagnetic waves emitted from electrical

equipment causes fatigue, tired eyes, stiff neck, headache, drowsiness, uneasiness, etc. Electromagnetic waves can also weaken the immunity system, cause loss of calcium and lead to many other problems, such as difficult labour, miscarriage, visual impairment, leukemia, cancer and brain tumour. Babies, growing children, the elderly and pregnant women are vulnerable to the harm of electromagnetic waves.

Putting Eco-enzyme beside electrical equipment can reduce electromagnetic waves emitted from them, helping us to prevent various







5. Health Care

Eco enzymes can improve various many years unhealed skin diseases, wounds, burns, inflammation, insect bites and other symptoms. (Note: External Uses only) (The own said: Eco Enzyme had help them and with gratitude they are willing  to provide their photos to help more people around the world.)

 Butterworth Lady Eczema Hand picture


Example :

Uncle Chin suffering from diabetic for 20 years, he was facing resection of foot, then he started to soaked his leg with eco enzyme, after  three months his leg wound healed, blood sugar dropped. Beside soaking leg his, he also changed his diet to non meat diet, no greasy, fried foods, change of mind, love of nature, care for others and sharing his  happiness to others.


Uncle Chin picture

Example :

Knife Cut –  accidentally cut the fingers, immediately wrap the finger with Eco Enzyme like shown below, it will immediately stop  bleeding …





On April 2012 an old lady has suffering from varicose veins problem, the wound was bleeding. She has treated time by traditional Chinese medicine, skin specialist, but the wounds are not heal and keep growing and oozing pus. After treated, the wounds not healing further more it growing more. On 29/09/2012 her daughter  told her about enzyme and she began using Classic Enzyme (a type of Drinking Enzyme) to wash her wound, then applied  Enzyme Massage Cream and bandaged the wound. Whenever the wound is too dry she used Enzyme Spray to sprays. The old woman’s wounds heal quickly after use enzyme product.

The following pictures shown the  progress of the lady wound healing :





May 17, 2014, a group of volunteer from Fujian Environmental Protection Volunteers Association came to Fuzhou promoting waste separation project and making Eco enzyme, they found  an old man age 88-years old who suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, erosion exudate feet for a year, he is suffering from pain and  only sleep two to three hours …… doctor said have to cut off the legs but the old man refused.


糖尿病China E






bedsore picture



泡脚 Batam picture



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