Lian Muhai from Nibong Tebal

Mr Lian has a 2-hectare dragon fruit orchard. “At first, I only put Eco Enzyme in the soil for finding out its effects. To my surprise, the soil became fertile and every plant could produce 40 dragon fruits, each weighed 800 grams, during the season. As a result, the production per hectare reached 1,500 kilograms. Eco Enzyme is very useful for agriculture,” he said.




Miss Yan Ni from Bukit Mertajam

“I had acne problem for years. I visited many doctors and tried various methods to solve the problem, but it was of no avail. After using Eco Enzyme for half a year, it was as if I got a new face.”

As Yan Ni runs an Internet café, she is always deprived of sleep. That made her face full of pimples. She always felt itchy, painful and her face would bleed if she scratched it. After she started to apply Eco  Enzyme on her face two or three times a day, those pimples miraculously started to reduce after a month. Half a year later, those pimple marks on her face became less obvious. Nowadays, acne is no longer a problem for her because Eco Enzyme has taken case of her trouble.





Master Danmela from Kedah

“Eco Enzyme is an alternative way to solve termite woes”

Master Danmela’s house was infested with termites. When he realized it, it was too late. About half of the scriptures in the cabinet had been damaged. As Master Danmela is merciful, he used a vacuum cleaner to remove those termites and released them on a field. Then, he cleanedthe wall and sprayed Eco Enzyme on it. He re-painted the wall after thatand there were no more termites.



Lin Jinzhu from Butterworth

Mrs. Lin uses Eco Enzyme to clean almost everything, including clothes, dishes, floors and toilets. She is well versed in the various uses of Eco Enzyme. “By using 2 ml of Eco Enzyme, one pail of water and detergent to do laundry, we can make sure that our clothes are clean and odorless. To mop the floor, we only have to use a little of Eco Enzyme and a half-full pail of water. By adding diluted Eco Enzyme in  dishwashing liquid, we can remove chemicals remaining on dishes. We can also improve ventilation in our cars by washing them with Eco Enzyme.”




Zhong Junsheng from Nibong Tebal

“Eco Enzyme saved my legs.”

Zhong Junsheng is seventy years old. People call him “Uncle Chin”. He has had diabetes for 30 years. A few years ago, ulcers started to form on his feet, toes and soles. Pus kept oozing from his wounds daily, and he was in great pain. Doctor Joean advised him to soak his feet in Eco Enzyme. He followed her advice and began to soak his feet in Eco Enzyme for few hours every day. After soaking for a while, his feet would feel comfortable. Uncle Chin said, “The Eco Enzyme for soaking feet can be reused until it becomes dirty.” At present, many wounds on his feet have healed.