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环保酵素泡脚 排重金属、环境荷尔蒙

  • 半杯125cc环保酵素加入半桶38 – 42oC 温热水中。








Eco Enzyme Foot Bath (Soaking Leg)

What are the benefits of soaking leg? In the modern world now, time are moving fast.

Our lifestyle are under pressures due to stress and overloaded work from schools, working and social. These are causing us headache, respiratory problem, cold feet and poor sleep. When we have cold hands and feet, this might lead to poor health and infection. Foot are stimulate the body’s circulation, disperse head pressure, body and limbs reforming energy distribution. Hence foot bath or soaking leg has the calming effect, giving the body ample time to repair.


Enzyme Foor Bath – eliminate toxic

  • ½ cup / 125cc eco enzyme added, half bucket of 38 – 42oC warm water.

Eco Enzyme foot bath promote blood circulation, improve sleep, eliminate insomnia, fatigue, stimulate acupuncture points, foot odor, rheumatism, prevent athlete’s foot, keep the body healthy and detox.


Important Note.

  1. Avoid foot Bath more than 30 minutes, best time is within 15-30 minutes.
  2. Avoid foot bath immediately after food.


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