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隔天之后,她的脚竟然好了,瘀青没了, 而且疼痛少很多了。她说这对她来说真的是一个很好的经验。 

遇到這個情況記得馬上喝半杯飲用酵素及馬上泡濃縮環保酵素20分鐘有時間的話每兩小時-次!晚上睡覺用-片小手帕或毛巾加環保酵素扭 乾敷在受傷部及穿上祙子睡覺!效果非常的棒。

A lady has knocked on her little toe and it was blue black and swell. She can’t walk probably because of the pain .

Her friend has advised her to soak her foot in the Eco Enzyme diluted warm water for twice a day.
A day later she said that the blue black has obviously gone and the pain has ease a lot ….this is a good experience of enzyme !
Note :
Whoever occurred this problem they could immediately drink ½ glass of Classic Enzyme and mix with ½ glass warm water. There after soaked leg in diluted Eco Enzyme with warn water for 20 minutes. If have time do it every 2 hours.
At night when going to sleep, soak a cloth with Eco enzyme and wrap it on the injured area till the next morning.


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