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马来西亚 净化鱼塘

Raub 朋友使用环保酵素净化鱼塘,还没有使用环保酵素前水很浊,看不到鱼塘底。放了环保酵素之后水完全净化了,可以看到鱼游来游去,鱼塘底也可以看到了。他只是把100cc的环保酵素倒入鱼塘里,一个星期一次。3个星期后鱼塘里的水完全改善了。


Purify fish ponds with Eco Enzyme
Before use Eco Enzyme, the water was very turbid/cloudy and you can notice that the based of the fish pond could not be seen clearly.

After used Eco Enzyme, the water was completely purified. You can see the fish swimming in the pond and the bottom of the fish pond can be seen clearly.

Just simply  poured 100cc (or dilute 10,000 times of eco enzyme with total water in the pond) of Eco Enzyme into the fish pond once a week. The water  was completely improved after 3 weeks.


Before 之前

Raub 净化鱼塘 Before

After 之后

Raub 净化鱼塘 After

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