Liver Flush

Liver Flush – by Jack Schwartz


Warm water ½ cup

Lemon juice 1 lemon

Organic Blackstrap Molasses 1 tbsp

Extra Virgin Cool Press Olive oil 1 tsp

Cayenne pepper a dash



Drink the mixture of the above ingredient in the morning empty stomach for 10 days.


· During liver flush, some people may have symptoms of headache, tiredness, body and intestinal discomfort, this are all good signs of detoxification. Usually this symptom will be over soon and will feel better than before.

· If one feel very discomfort, may temporarily discard the cayenne pepper for this process,

· One should drink more water together with Dr. ROS edible enzyme and rest well.

· One can also us Dr. ROS Enzyme mouth wash to do Oral Detox


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